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About Us

Creative solutions for legal problems


We Deliver Results With Complete Client Focus.

AR & Associates, a legal consultancy firm, was formed in 2021 by us, viz., Mr. Anjanava Banerjee & Mr. RakeshChakraborty, who are the Empanel distinguished legal practitioners at time. Uniquely positioned as a pioneering commercial legal practice, we have varied and prestigious client base from the very beginning and has junior associates to work in a smoother ways and continue to maintain our position as one of the leading firms in the District, West Bengal, India. We are a full-service law practice with market-leading expertise in banking and finance, projects and infrastructure, acquisitions and private, M&E, employment, employee benefits, tax, real estate and conveyance, non-profit organizations and commercial and civil dispute resolution.


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We value our word and stand by our clients. Our word is our bond and we stand by it, we have an unwavering commitment to our clients’ interests. Integrity is something we take very seriously.

We believe that alongside intelligence, we need to be imaginative too to deliver solutions that can make a difference in the lives of our clients. We believe in the strength of creativity just as much as logic.

Application of mind is a prerequisite to deliver value to clients. We pride and value intelligence in our approach and don’t like provide ready- madesolution. This drive for excellence makes us one of the leading law firms in Durgapur.

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Analysing Case

First we should read the case file from beginning to end. Then figuring out the parties, outline the case’s procedural history and isolate the relevant facts.

Research & Investigation

Explore in detail the allegation, to examine the evidence in depth, and to determine specifically whether misconduct has been committed.

Create a Master Strategy

After analyse the case, we get proper research and investigate. All of this happens we go through our master strategy and file a solid case of our Lerner friend.